1. Experience 

Liberty Grove Real Estate was the foundational agency of the new suburb at the turn of the millennium. To this day, Liberty Grove Real Estate continues to be the leading and sole dedicated agency to Liberty Grove. Tony, the Principal has over 30 years’ experience in Sydney’s property market. Since acquiring the business in 2005, Tony and the team have created a distinctive and community focused agency. Over the last 13 years the success of the Agency has been driven by achieving the best outcome for our owners. When engaging the team at Liberty Grove Real Estate you are creating an ongoing relationship with an agency that strives to go above and beyond your expectations.

If you are looking for an agency that knows Liberty Grove best, look no further.

2. Contacts

Being in the area for almost 15 years, the agency has created an extensive list of local and international contacts. When bringing your property to Liberty Grove Real Estate we immediately make use of these contacts not just in the immediate area but throughout the world. Often our buyers are current landlords or familiar with the area and often take decisive and swift action.

If you are looking for resourceful agents to immediately engage an extensive network of potential buyers, look no further.  

3. Marketing 

When choosing to bring your property to Liberty Grove Real Estate we employ various channels of advertising FREE of charge. We believe that your property deserves as much exposure as possible to get the best price possible. Our relationship based approach means that all our marketing costs are included free of charge. 

These channels include: 

  • Online listing services 
  • Professional Photography 
  • Letter drop for local area
  • Paper listings 
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns